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Hi! I'm Lucy, the Rebellious Self Love Coach. I'm a real life rebel leading a self love revolution.

I embody radical self love, and I’m here to show you that you can too.

Life gets to be fun!

I know that you might be worried about letting people down, or being judged, I totally get it, I’ve been there too. And, we should all be over people pleasing by now. I want to help you show up as the person you really and, and do life the way you want to do it. You’ve got exactly one life, so why spend it being anything other than who you are?

Those bits of yourself that you try to hide away, those dream that you don’t think you should follow, those goals that you want to smash…maybe they’re a little uncomfortable, and a bit awkward, but they are the bits that make you who you are. They are the bits that I want you to embrace, and own. The dreams I want you to dream, and the goals that I want you to go after. They are the bits that will attract your people. They are the things that will make you happy and your life fun. Seriously, forget about what other people are doing, stop comparing yourself, and start living for you.

Just between you and me, I’m really really good at holding space for you on your journey to self love. I’m really really good at creating a space that feels safe for you to get vulnerable. I want you to live your best life and your best self. That’s what life is about, and you absolutely deserve it!

Go on then, tell me more!

What are your credentials?

I walk the talk. I’ve lived all this stuff. I’m a reformed people pleaser, and a real life rebel. I also have a Diploma of Counselling. I’m a qualified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach and I’m an Advanced Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback specialist. Read more about me right here.

You might have questions, in fact you probably do! Or, you’re wondering if I’m really the right person for the job, if you’re going to like me and feel comfortable with me, and if I can really truly help you. I totally get it, and I absolutely want to hear from you. Get in contact with me here. and let’s get this party started. 

Everything is confidential, and I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. My space is a safe space for everyone.

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