Why Should I Train My Brain With NeurOptimal®?

Perhaps the most asked questions I get about what I do are, What is it? and Why should I use it? So, this month, I thought I would talk about NeurOptimal®  Neurofeedback a little more.

Firstly, let me explain NeurOptimal® a bit. Celebrating it’s 17th year, NeurOptimal® is, in a nutshell, brain training. It enables your brain to function at it’s best. It was developed by Clinical Psychologists, Drs Valdeane and Susan Brown, and uses an original dynamical neurofeedback algorithm that they developed. This is not any sort of medical treatment, and does not require any diagnosis. It is a training for your brain that moves micro-second by micro-second with your brain, giving it the information it needs to re-organise itself. Which allows the brain to function at it’s best. This means, lots of the things that weigh us down, simply drop away. A calmer, clearer, happier you emerges, and you start functioning better if your day to day life.

The way it does this, is by working with functional brain instabilities. As your brain starts to move into one of these functional instabilities, which are targeted in ‘time-frequency envelopes’, the music that you are listening to briefly pauses. When this happens, the brain pulls away from the functional instability. Through repeated training, the brain learns to move around these instabilities, which allows us greater flexibility and resilience.

NeurOptimal® is non-invasive. What I mean by that is, that it works with your brains own processes. It doesn’t try to push or pull it to achieve anything during a session. It merely allows the brain to do it’s own re-organising. Our brains have an inherent ability to do this, and it’s a very gentle, easy process. As such, NeurOptimal® is a general wellness device, so, as I said earlier, no diagnosis is needed.

No conscious effort is required on your part when having a session. You just sit back and listen to music, relax, even drift off to sleep. Kids sometimes find it hard to sit still, so they can do whatever they need to do. Play a game, watch a movie, read a book. It doesn’t matter. It’s still doing it’s thing.

So, why? Well, NeurOptimal® will get your brain functioning at it’s best, whatever that best is. We see people from all walks of life, who want to function at their best, drug-free, gentle healing. It works with all different brains and purposes, because the various complaints we all have, can be considered signs that the brain is not functioning at it’s best. Training with NeurOptimal® can change that. Your brain and Central Nervous System are a sophisticated command and control centre that is responsible for controlling all other systems in your body. Our brains have an estimated 15-33 billion neurons, and each of those neurons have as many as 100,000 synaptic connections. NeurOptimal® gives your brain information about what is happening across all this activity, and your brain then sorts itself out. It’s like holding a mirror up to your brain so it can see for itself what it is doing, and then, it inherently knows what do to do re-organise and bring about change.

And, who doesn’t want their brain working at it’s best?

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