Things To Remember When You Feel Unworthy

I want to start this post off by reminding you that you are inherently worthy. Just be being a human being. That means you have worth. No one else gets to determine your worth. Only you.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember this. When we are feeling overwhelmed, it’s hard to remember that we are actually worthy. So, here are some things that do not define your worth.

1. Your weight.

2. Your relationship status.

3. How much money you have.

4. Your physical appearance.

5. The number of social media followers you have.

6. Your job.

7. The clothes you wear.

8. The things you like. Eg: books, music, movies, TV.

9. Your age.

10. How many children you have, or want. Or, whether you chose not to have any.

11. Other people.

12. What you eat.

13. Whether you worked out today.

14. Not feeling confident all the time.

15. Whether you believe you are inherently worthy yet.

None of these things define your worth. Your worth comes from within. And, it’s ok if you haven’t found it yet. It’s normal to look for external validation, instead of referencing our own internal compass. But, the problem with looking for external validation is that the goal posts keep changing. Or what suits one person, isn’t the right fit for us. One way to help find our worth, is to know our core values (blog about that here). And, to cut yourself some slack. Bad days happen. They happen to everyone. Remember, you are enough.

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