The Brain Dump

Wellness Picnic

I’ve been a member of Wholehearted Family Health for a while now, and on Wednesday, along with Babes ‘n’ Picnics, are holding their first wellness event. And guess what! I’m going to be there! The event is going to be held at Stickybeaks in Kings Park from 9.30am-Noon. It’s completely

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If you follow me on the socials, you’ll see that I’ve been posting a lot about NO3, and that’s because it’s exciting. Very exciting. First of all it’s exciting because we’ve been waiting a long time for it’s release. NeurOptimal have been teasing us trainers for years about it’s impending

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Being Mum

I read an article earlier today, and she said ‘I didn’t expect for my heart, who for so long desired to be a mother, to feel constantly divided into two pieces. One piece devoted to my children and the kind of mother I want to be; the other part constantly

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