The Brain Dump

Wellness Picnic

I’ve been a member of Wholehearted Family Health for a while now, and on Wednesday, along withn Babes ‘n’ Picnics, are holding their first wellness event. And guess what! I’m goingn to be there! n The event is going to be held at Stickybeaks in Kings Park from 9.30am-Noon. It’s

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If you follow me on the socials, you’ll see that I’ve been posting a lot about NO3, and that’s because it’s exciting. Very exciting.  n First of all it’s exciting because we’ve been waiting a long time for it’s release. NeurOptimal have been teasing us trainers for years about it’s

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Being Mum

n   n I read an article earlier today, and she said ‘I didn’t expect for my heart, who for so long desired to be a mother, to feel constantly divided into two pieces. One piece devoted to my children and the kind of mother I want to be; the

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