Owning Your Narrative

Owning your narrative, your story, is so important if we want to live life authentically. This means, that we let go of who we think we are supposed ton be, or who other people think we are supposed to be, and fully embrace who we are.

Embracing who we are is not always an easy task. We are being constantly told that we are not enough. I’m here to tell you that is bullshit (here we go, back to my ‘good enough’ philosophy!). If we go looking for reasons that we are not good enough, and we do not deserve to live life authentically, we will always be able to find them. So stop looking.

I’m here to tell you to be who you are, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Mostly, you’ll find, everyone else is caught up worrying about what other people think of them, they don’t have time to worry about you. So, you do you. Live your story. Own your narrative.

It’s ok to take up space. To have opinions. To wear what you wanna wear. TO BE WHO YOU ARE! We all have intrinsic, or inherent values (another blog post about these coming up another time) that we carry with us. These values help us be who we want to be in the world. We all have them. Take a moment to think about what yours are. If necessary, write them down and carry them with you. These intrinsic values help us be really clear on who we are, and what our narrative is.

Neurofeedback really gave me the ability to let go of who I thought I was supposed to be, or who I thought other people wanted me to be, and live life as my authentic self. There is nothing that you could say about me that I wouldn’t freely offer up myself. I know who I am, and I won’t compromise on that. It helped me be ok with the person that I am. Embrace me for me. And that is liberating.

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