If you follow me on the socials, you’ll see that I’ve been posting a lot about NO3, and that’s because it’s exciting. Very exciting.

First of all it’s exciting because we’ve been waiting a long time for it’s release. NeurOptimal have been teasing us trainers for years about it’s impending release, and now that it’s actually finally here, it’s living up to it’s hype.

You’re probably going ‘Ok, but why should I care?’ And, for you the client, the process is the same in that you come and sit in my nice big comfy chair, get hooked up the same way, listen to music the same way, but the program is different. Here’s how:

NeurOptimal version 3 has more targets than it’s predecessor, targeting up to 63hz, which means more information for your brain, it has customisable visuals, a new media player built specifically for NO3 so it’s easier to listen to the music you want to listen to during your session, plus new default music from Grammy award winning composer Jeff Bova. Plus, heaps more techy stuff!

And you’re probably still going ‘Lucy, that sounds great, but what difference does it make to me?’ Lots, is the answer. My clients have reported that their sessions have been ‘deeper’ they’ve felt even better after NO3 sessions, results are coming on much quicker, the session itself feel different. My husband reported his anxiety was gone in just 10 minutes of a NO3 session. People are getting more out of their sessions than ever before. And that’s the difference it makes.

If you’ve tried neurofeedback before, but either didn’t get what you were looking for, or haven’t been in a while, I urge you to come and try NO3, it’s a game changer.

Email me at now to book your NO3 session!

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