My Story

Almost every new client who walks through my door wants to know what my journey with Neurofeedback was, and I’m happy to tell it. 

I first heard about neurofeedback when two of my siblings started using it to help overcome their depression (one being PND). Seeing their transformations was very powerful for me. I remember I was walking along King Street in the city one morning before work, on the phone to my Dad in tears. I hated me. I was so depressed. He urged me to go and try Neurofeedback. I did. It changed my life. 

I was hooked from my first session. It brought me back and woke me up. I was in a horrible relationship, I hated my job, I had no self-esteem, no self-worth, I was struggling with severe body dysmorphia and eating disorder, not to mention depression and anxiety…I was at my lowest point. As I continued to train with neurofeedback, things started getting easier. I left my job, my relationship, and started my journey to loving myself again. I healed. I got ‘me’ back.

I also had a very easy pregnancy. I didn’t really suffer any hormone imbalances, I kinda breezed through it. And my birth experience was very positive. I had a planned c-section because there was risk of my chunky baby getting stuck (and she did anyway), and my recovery was phenomenal. I mean, I was getting told off by the nurses for not using my pethidine drip, but I literally had no pain. I was up and walking the next day, as if I hadn’t just had major surgery. And it wasn’t until weeks afterwards, talking to other mothers, that I realised my experience actually wasn’t normal. And I decided then and there I needed to help these women. I wanted them to have the same joyful, easy time I had, which is why I like to focus on seeing women. Pregnancy, and birth, brings HUGE changes in a women’s life, HUGE, and there need support through that.

I’ve been a neurofeedback practitioner for 6, nearly 7 years now, and I still love every second of it. I still train when I feel like I need one, and I am just as passionate about it.

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