Living Authentically? What Does That Mean?

I talk a lot about living authentically, or living your truth. But, what do I mean by that?

Living authentically really means that the way we live our lives, our thoughts and our actions are congruent with our core values and our beliefs. It means using our internal compass as a reference, instead of constantly seeking external validation, and being who we are, not who we think we should be, or who we think others think we should be.

To be your authentic self you need to accept your strengths along with your weaknesses, you need to be accountable for your actions. Have self-awareness.This allows us to be pretty transparent, it allows us to be vulnerable. Being these things allows a deeper connection within our relationships with others.

Really living by our core values allows us to fully embrace who we are. It allows us easier decision making which allows us to live a more honest, open and ultimately happy and engaged life. It allows us to fully embrace our opinions, be ok with them, and ultimately be ok with who you are. Because you are good enough, and we are all imperfect humans, and embracing that will let you live your truth.

You don’t have to please everybody, let’s face it, that’s an impossible task. By being unapologetic in your true feelings, thoughts and views, this will allow you to find your people. It will allow you to give love fully and unconditionally to others, and also allow them to live their truth as well.

But, perhaps most importantly, it’s about loving yourself. Seeing yourself as someone who deserves love and kindness, and allowing yourself to nurture that love and kindness. Take responsibility for yourself, and for you own life.

A really great way to connect with all this stuff is to journal. Journaling allows us to really come out of our heads, and into our hearts, allows us ton unhook, and come back to the present so we can take a good look at what we need to do to realign with our core values, so that we can live our truth everyday.

I’ll talk more about journaling in another post!

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