Good Enough

I subscribe to Brené Brown’s weekly dose of daring email list. It’s just a weekly email with a quote to inspire. This weeks said ‘The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness.’ Which was kind of perfect, because I really wanted to talk about being good enough.

If you know me, or follow my socials you’ll know that I am firmly in camp ‘Good Enough’. To me, this doesn’t mean that we settle, but it just means that we give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves. To be compassionate to ourselves, and to cut ourselves some slack. This article by Sarah Ockwell-Smith about aiming for 70:30 in relation to parenting really outlines it well. It we are ‘Good Enough’ 70% of the time, and cut ourselves some slack about the other 30%, we are going to be ok.

I am also big on personal and professional development. I am always striving to be a more rounded, wholehearted, vulnerable and authentic ‘me’. And  part of this, is knowing that I am also, plain and simply, ‘good enough’. And, don’t get me wrong, it took me a long time to get here. I haven’t always believed this. Haven’t always seen my ‘inherent worthiness’ But, the more that I live it, the more I trust myself to follow my instincts, the more I see it to be true. Good enough will get us through. 

How did I learn all of this? Well, Neurofeedback was the catalyst. When I first starting using NeurOptimal neurofeedback, I was at my lowest point. I was basically using everything I had just to get through the day. Once I started training on neurofeedback, and I started healing, it freed me up to be able to change my life. With a quieter and more focused mind, I had the ability to stop sweating the small stuff. It helped me find my path. But, more that that, it helped me find my people. I was able to let go of relationships that didn’t serve me, and forge ones that did. Within these relationships I got to learn to be vulnerable, to be authentic, to love wholeheartedly. It helped strengthen my family relationships, to ask for help when I need it.

I say ‘it’, but really, it was all me. I did all these things, but I finally had the drive, the want, the ability to do all these things. Bottom line, NeurOptimal neurofeedback helped me heal, and once I was healed, the ‘real’ me was free to emerge. And that is powerful stuff.

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