Find Wonder In The World

I took my daughter to the Royal Show on Saturday. It was her first time. As I was enjoying her enjoyment of it, I realised a few things. I realised, I wasn’t just enjoying her enjoyment of it, I was enjoying it right along with her. I allowed these thoughts and feelings to flow for the rest of the day, and into the evening, and I was able to see a few things.

I still have childlike joy. I enjoy going to the show, and spending all my money on showbags, and going on rides, and seeing the animals and eating show food. I enjoy getting swept up in the atmosphere of it all. And I thought about that feeling a little more. And I realised that I get it every time we go to the zoo. I’ve always loved the zoo, and I still get that same rush of excitement when we get there. Recently, they’ve had a dinosaur installation at Perth zoo. We’ve been twice to see it, and I realised that I have been just as excited as my daughter. I realised, it’s not just me being excited for her excitement, although that is there too, I am experiencing that child like excitement myself. I still get excited for Christmas morning, I enjoy counting down the days in December. The same for birthdays.

I realised, that I allow myself to get swept up in the excitement of these things. I am not jaded by them. I also realised, that this was a part of them that I suppressed. Like, I was ashamed of that. That it might make me less of an adult, or that people would take me less seriously. But, actually, I really like this about myself. Children live so much in the present, they don’t care about being cool, they lose themselves in their play, they create with abandon, they are curious, curious about everything. Why wouldn’t I want to be like that? Being able to find joy and wonder in everything. Allowing yourself to enjoy experiences. All experiences, no matter how small.

So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to hide that part of myself anymore. I’m going to embrace it. It’s a part of me. A part I really like.

I am so passionate about living life as your authentic self. Embracing who you are. This is who I am. I’m braving the wilderness, and having the courage and vulnerability to embrace this side of myself. My childlike side. Here is to living in the moment, finding wonder in the world, joy in the little things, and giving 0 craps about what anyone else thinks about that.

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