Come To Me


NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, completely safe, drug & diagnosis free brain training. It’s holding a mirror up to your brain, and giving it real time feedback about what it’s doing as it’s doing it. Think of it like this, when you look in the mirror, you adjust yourself. You might smooth your hair back, or brush crumbs from your top, this is what neurofeedback is doing for your brain. It’s holding a mirror up to your brain, so that your brain can adjust itself, which it has the inherent ability to do. It helps to bring you back into balance and, and whatever is causing us overwhelm, simply drops away. It allows your brain to function at its best, whatever that best may be. And, the best part, the very best part, is how easy it is for you to do. You just need to sit in a chair, I’ll put some sensors on your head and your ears, then some headphones on you, and you relax and listen to music. You can fall asleep, read, knit, colour – anything. All the while your brain is training to be the best it can be.  

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