People Pleasing is so last century. Do life your way. Swap 'What if?' for 'Hell, Yeah!'


I know that you feel pressure to be doing what you think you should be doing. Or what you think other people expect you to be doing. To live up to their version of you. But, where is the fun in that?

Life gets to be fun! 

I know that you’re worried about letting people down, or being judged, I totally get it, I’ve been there too. But, once you have the courage to show up as the real you, you give other people permission to do that too. And, frankly, we should all be over people pleasing by now. 

I help you to show up as the person you really are, and do life your way. You’ve got exactly one life, so why spend it being anything other than who you are?

Lucy-Anne Lewis

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People pleasing is so last century!


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