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You know how

sometimes you just get so caught up in going through the motions, and you feel so bone weary trying to keep up with doing and being all the things? You hate it. And wish you, and your life, were different, and you end up having those full body cries in the shower?

Yeah, me too. 

Trying to be the ‘good girl’ is fucking exhausting. And it keeps you stuck. When was the last time you felt like you loved yourself and your life? When was the last time you had proper, real fun?

Don’t stay stuck in an ordinary, average, boring life. Hating yourself, beating yourself up because you aren’t living up to perceived expectations. Putting everyone before yourself. 

How would it feel to actually love yourself, and your life, and have fun, all by being the real, authentic you?

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30 days of gratitude prompts to rewire your brain.

Loving Yourself Is A Rebellious Act.


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