hello! there is nothing wrong with your body!


There is nothing wrong with your body. 

Hi there! I’m Lucy-Anne. I’m a fat babe, a rebel and a body acceptance coach. I’m anti-diet and pro-self love. I help women accept the fuck outta their bodies so that they can be more confident and live their joy

You’ve been tricked into believing that your body is a shit body. Thanks, patriarchy. 

You can probably look at other people and see their beauty, but when you look at your body, the messages get all scrambled and you interpret your body to be wrong. 

Then, your inner mean girl pipes up, telling you that your body is disgusting, and compared to other women you look like a potato.

Frankly, you learned how to hate your body, you can learn how to accept it. 

You can spend all your life trying to change the way your body looks, but until you change your relationship with it, you will be stuck hating it forever. Body acceptance is the answer.   

I am here to help you accept your body so that you can live your joy.

There is nothing wrong with your body.  

This is radical self acceptance, confidence and love.

Lucy Lewis-4179

Body acceptance starts right here.

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Stop waiting for ‘when’

Accept your body and start living your most joyful life right now. 



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