Become the most confident and joyful person you know, in the body you already have.



There is nothing wrong with your body. 

Hi there! I’m Lucy-Anne. I’m your fat and body positive Self-Love Coach, and Joy Enthusiast.

I am anti-diet and pro-self love, and my mission in life is to help you (and as many humans as I can) to ditch patriarchal body and beauty standards, and be the most confident joyful person you know, in the body you already have

You’ve been tricked into believing that your body is a problem that needs to be solved. Thanks, patriarchy. 

Perhaps you stop yourself doing that thing, or wearing something that would make your inner child beam with joy, because you don’t think you’ve got the ‘right’ body.

Maybe your inner mean girl pipes up, telling you that your body is disgusting, and compared to other women you look like a potato, and you’ll never be joyful and happy and confident, or desirable unless you can change it.

Frankly, hating your body is a learned behaviour. But, the good news is, you can unlearn hating it! You can learn to not even think about it.

You can spend all your life waiting for ‘when I…’ or you can say ‘Fuck it!’ and just do what you want now.  

And, I’m here to meet you where you are at and support you on your journey.

There is nothing wrong with your body!

Stop waiting for ‘when’

Become the most confident and joyful person you know, in the body you already have.


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What clients are saying…

I was feeling lost and unsure of a direction to take and how to go about making steps towards where I wanted to be. Knowing my value and feeling good within myself is a journey I had started, but needed further work on. I felt pretty down about myself prior to connecting. I had debated a coach for a while, but didn’t think it would help; eventually I thought there was no harm in just trying, I wouldn’t be losing anything and if it did help, I would be forever grateful.
I felt nervous, cautious and a bit anxious going into our first session, but I was fairly comfortable by the end of the hour, and even excited to do some of the exercises. I felt positive and hopeful that I would gain something from this experience. Making goals felt overwhelming but it was more like a conversation about where I was in my life and the areas I needed help with. The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I speak up for myself more. Typically, I keep quiet and am fearful to voice my views, even when I’m angry or hurt, but now I have started voicing my opinions, speaking up, and supporting myself, even in uncomfortable situations. I feel like I value myself more. My coaching experience with Lucy was encouraging, empowering and educational. She shared her own experiences which helped me feel as though she understood my point of view, in turn helping me feel comfortable to be honest and talk about how I felt and what was going on for me. I’m going to miss the chats!
Natasha Branco
Lucy is the real deal (and a total rebel) when it comes to self-care and self-love.
Samantha Dhu

When I first connected with Lucy-Anne, I was feeling unsure of my direction and struggling with getting distracted with the latest shining thing. My goals were mainly business goals, and the direction of my business, as well as personal life management. I said yes to working with Lucy because I knew that our ideals and mindset were similar. Going into our first session I felt slightly resistant, as I knew it would lead to change, but I also felt excited. By the end of the first session I started to create plans for the future and I felt positive about that. The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is being able to wait for things rather than rushing the process of things. My coaching experience with Lucy was holistic, reassuring and spacious. I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Lucy. It was great to be able to connect amongst the chaos of everything else going on, and have someone to talk things through with. Several times Lucy gave me great strategies to make positive changes that I have been able to use time and time again. She also knew when I just needed to talk things out, and when I already knew the answers!
Sharron Pegrum
Lucy has an aura where it is so easy to relax, be off-guard, and to be unapologetically yourself. She accepts and embraces you no matter where you are on whatever journey you’re on or how long you’ve been there. She pours her energy into her relationships, so you feel like you matter and even when life is chaotic, you never feel forgotten. She shows you what it is like to be valued for all aspects of your true self, and it puts into perspective how much we are really worth
Alexandra Sherriff

My coaching series with Lucy-Anne has been so amazing, I’m not even sure I can put it into words. Starting out, I was so unsure what I was doing, who I was and where I was going. However, through working with Lucy-Anne I can confidently say I have a clear direction and am bursting with confidence in who I truly am. Lucy-Anne has been a massive support in my growth and learning over the last 3 months, and all our sessions have been so powerful, insightful and aligned. If you are looking to dig deep and bring out your self-worth, self-confidence and self-love – Lucy-Anne is the coach for you.
Chloe Foster